Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoa, Blogger has really changed in the nearly 2 years I haven't posted anything. TWO YEARS? Good Lord. There's a lot of news with the Lamb Chop family. We've added a new member, Angel Lamb Chop. Neighbors Nigel and Pip moved in next door. We even got a dog named Mr. Squeakers. Mommy Lamb Chop has a new friend named Muffins, and I'm sure we will introduce...him...soon.

Yes, we have been dormant but not inactive. If we're gonna stick with the volcano metaphor, pretty soon half the USA will be covered in a 10-foot layer of ash. (Did anyone else watch terrifying videos in  science class while growing up? I spent most of middle school dreading Ebola.)

Right-o. See you soon!

Lamb Chop Karaoke Part 1: Original Lamb Chop

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bike ride with Lamb Chop

About a month ago, we had a weekend of beautiful weather. This didn't continue show up again until this past Sunday, but that weekend, I took advantage of the day and biked to Hidden Falls Regional Park with Football Lamb Chop.

I chose to take Football LC because she is the only one with a helmet, and the safety of my Lamb Chops is very important to me.

She sat tucked in my bike basket, which I think she enjoyed.

So, we biked down Summit Avenue to the river and decided to stop there for a moment. We looked over the cliff to the newly thawed landscape. If I had taken the picture now, the trees would be green. Oh well.

Right before we got to the park, we saw the waterfall. It was kind of hidden. But it was lovely! Lamb Chop sunned herself for a few minutes.

And right around the corner was the park! We made it, Lamb Chop!

Whaaaat? Park CLOSED? Why!?

Lamb Chop was really disappointed. She started back towards the bike, but then she took off running, and I had to find her. Lamb Chop? Lamb Chop! Where did you go!

Finally, I found her sitting on a park bench. She was feeling sad, but I told her that the park would open soon and promised to take her back. In fact, I told her that we would all go to the park as a family and have a picnic! How's that sound?

Hooray! Well, we can go home now.
And that picnic will happen sometime soon, I'm sure.

Lamb Chops on choir tour

What have the Lamb Chops been doing all this time? Well, we have some delayed stories. First of all, Baby and Young and Agile Lamb Chop came with me on choir tour around the midwest. They mostly kept to themselves, but they enjoyed the adventure.

Baby Lamb Chop feels welcome at the first church.

Sleeping at a host home next to the radiator. I let them share the pop from the host family.

Watching the world go by through the bus windows. They spent most of the trip like this.
Sometimes they wanted to stay overnight on the bus, but other times they came to stay with the host family. One night, Baby Lamb Chop tried to make a friend.

She was shy.

Y&A Lamb Chop comforts her. It's okay, Baby LC! You don't need to be so shy!
But Baby LC was scared and didn't talk to the little lamb. The next morning, as we were leaving the room, Baby LC was pulling the door closed when...

The little lamb waved goodbye! She really did want to be friends!

They took a picture before we left. Nice to meet you, sorry to leave so soon!

And so, another choir tour came and went. New friends were made, and adventures were had. Now that I think of it, this wasn't the first choir tour Baby LC had been on. She used to come along with Mommy LC on the bus tours. How time flies!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Day with the Lamb Chops

I have been waiting for this day. The Lamb Chops have been, too. Things haven't been too exciting around here. Although, Football Lamb Chop got pretty excited for the Super Bowl.

Wearing her uniform and her game face.

But the winter has been long, the cold weather harsh! Every day, the Lamb Chops stare out the window, longingly wishing to play outside. And every day, I test the snow to see if it is finally packable.

Thinking of all the fun things to do outside.

But today the temperature was a little warmer, and...the snow was packable! I immediately alerted the Lamb Chops, and we headed outside.

Climbing down the steps to the backyard. They all have wool coats, so they didn't need anything extra. Although, I thought Christmas LC should have a scarf since she has no pajamas. Original LC and Football LC charged ahead, eager to play in the snow. The only problem was that the snow was above their heads.

Football LC trying to climb up the snow bank.


So I constructed some steps for all of them to get up onto the snow. Baby LC smiles at the camera.

Christmas LC got to work making snow angels!

I just had to show this, because I think that's the cutest snow angel I've ever seen.

Meanwhile, Football LC, Original LC, and Mommy LC had a snowball fight. It was two against one, but Mommy LC mostly just ate snow.

Baby LC and Y&A LC made a snow lamb! Didn't they do a good job?
Note: for a while, this snow lamb looked like a gremlin or Yoda.

Then, we all gathered together to make a snow fort before going inside.

Everyone (kind of) fits!

The Lamb Chops had a wonderful time, and we came inside and warmed up and had hot chocolate. But as much fun as they had, they can't wait for spring. It'll come soon enough!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lamb Chops road trip

On New Year's, we drove to Wisconsin for a family reunion. I thought of taking only one of the Lamb Chops along, but since we were staying overnight, I thought there should be two to keep each other company.

Mommy LC and Original LC were all set to go in the car! They were very good travelers.
We stopped for dinner and then went to the hotel.

Room service! Bring us some candy!

The two of them built a pillow fort. They wouldn't let me in.

Exploring the room. Original LC stops Mommy LC before she eats the soap.

Let's play tornado! Hahahahahaha!

Sleep tight, Lamb Chops!
In the morning, we went to church with family and then got together for lunch. There was a lot of cheese. We ate and then went outside to explore a bit. While we have much snow in Minnesota, almost all the snow in Wisconsin had melted.

Good Morning, Mequon! What a lovely morning.

Mommy LC is less of a morning person.

But we got a good picture of them in front of the duck pond, anyway.

And now, I'm afraid that I will be gone for two weeks away from all of the Lamb Chops. None of them are coming with me to Nicaragua. I'm sure they will be in good hands while I am gone, though. This trip showed how well they can get along with each other and keep good company! These are good little lambs :)